Hi!  I'm Sharron, one clever mom!  I am a stay-home mom to an amazing daughter and two great dogs.  Before being a mom I was a federal law enforcement officer, and when mommy-hood happened I realized I couldn't do both jobs as well as I wanted to at the same time, and the mommy job had top priority.  Since then, my creativity has gone wild!  It was obviously too suppressed in law enforcement (that job doesn't really jive well with creativity!)  I definitely got crazy looks when I would knit while on surveillance!

I always seem to have a number of projects and ideas spinning around in my head, fighting for top bidding to get out and be created.  My favorite things currently are sewing and baking, though I also love to knit and do SOME scrap-booking.

Creativity has always been part of who I am and I am really enjoying my new-found ability to have it as a regular part of my life.  I hope you like my blog!  It is a chronicle of my creative adventures in this new chapter of life!

Here I am with my husband and kiddo!  
My good friend took this picture at Christmastime!  Isn't she awesome??

Have a question or want to chat?  I welcome your emails at shesoneclevermom@gmail.com!


  1. Love!!! little E's Big smile....She is awesome !!!....Love your blog Shannon. Olga

  2. Sharron, I am so glad you are able to explore your creativity while being a great mom to E. You are incredible! And when does the Tuesdays with Dorie start? You know I live soooo close, if you need to "share" of any of your baking, I'm happy to help!

    And finally, I am glad, for once, that my mom has zero internet capabilities, because if she got a hold of this blog, she would be dumping me as her daughter and trying to claim you:)


  3. Hi Sharron,
    Sent article to your e-mail.

    Love the new dress!



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