Thursday, January 30, 2014

A knitted baby sweater

The clever girl in 2009 and the clever baby in 2014!
Many years ago, when I was pregnant with the clever girl, I knit this sweater.  It is the Placket Neck Pullover from the book Last Minute Knitted Gifts.  I intentionally made it a gender neutral color, as I just couldn't get behind everything being all pink and frilly for the clever girl.  Brilliant!  When the clever baby came along, he could wear it, too!  The older he gets, the fewer hand-me-downs he can get from the clever girl, but I am always thrilled to put him in something I made!  And the clever girl loves when he wears her old clothes.  What will I do when he doesn't fit it anymore?  So sad...

I knit this little sweater with a 50% cotton, 50% acrylic yarn from GGH.  I don't recall the name of the yarn but it might have been Bali...  It makes for a really cozy, smooshy sweater.  A few things I love about this pattern:  The edging is all done in a seed stitch, which is not binding or snug but gives a nice visual and textural detail.  And the "buttons" on the placket are beads, not actually buttons.  I used a red, green, and orange bead.  A fun way to spice up the sweater.  Finally, the entire thing is knit from the bottom up with very little seaming!  Just sewing the underarms together from where the sleeves meet the body.  I love a pattern like this. 

The pattern actually has sizing up to 8-10 years, so theoretically I could make more of them, but this little size is so darned cute!  Maybe I will make another for the clever baby??

What shall I do with the random knit/sewn outfits I made for my kiddos once they are totally outgrown?  I can't bring myself to donate them or give them away, but obviously we can't use them either...  Surely there is something creative I could do...


  1. Such cuties! I forgot how much they look alike! How about knitting another sweater for the Clever Girl?

    Gee Gee

  2. I knew they looked alike, but didn't realize how much till this set of their photos! Amazing - their smiles are exactly the same, and super cute!


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