Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Safely covering food with plastic wrap: a revelation!

What do you do when you have to cover some food with plastic wrap, but do not want said wrap to touch the actual food?  This has long been a quandary for me.  I have tried using multiples (and multiples) of toothpicks all over the food item to hold up the plastic wrap, but they not only make your food filled with holes, but they often puncture the wrap so it falls on the food anyway!  Ugh.

So, I baked some hot cross buns for Easter, and needed to get them to church.
Plastic wrap + hot cross buns = disaster if I didn't think of something.  
And then, I had it!

I must say, I am pretty excited about my revelation!  The gods of baking shined upon me and a solution was found!

Now that I am done patting myself on the back a bit, here it is for you to share.  The solution?  LEGOS!  Yes, friends, legos.  Now, I have a preschool aged daughter so we still have the big Duplo Legos, but any Legos will work as long as you have a big flat piece to use for the top. 

If you have kids, run to their Lego box and pilfer their toys.  You can assure them that it will be a short term loan and you will return them in perfect condition.  Legos are dishwasher safe!  Well, it may not say that on the box, but as it turns out, you can throw those little blocks in your dishwasher and no one will ever be the wiser!  If you don't have kids, get yourself some Legos.  Honestly, they are fun to play with no matter your age!

Ok, so now that you have your Legos, build yourself a bridge-like apparatus that will be high enough that none of your goods will get plastic wrap stuck to the top.

Carefully stretch that wrap over the top of your bridge, down the sides, and under your plate.  You may need two sheets of wrap, depending on the size of your plate and the height of your bridge.  Pull the wrap taut so the bridge can not fall over.

An important key here is having plastic wrap that actually sticks.  Yes, that sounds silly, but I tried all sorts of brands that seemed to stick only to itself, NOT to the pan/plate/what-have-you.  That just becomes an aggravating mess.  Plus you won't be able to get it taut, so your brilliant bridge may fall over!  You may have found the perfect plastic wrap, but if you haven't, I would recommend getting the Costco/Kirkland brand.  You can get it in two smaller boxes so you don't have to have a gigantic box like at a restaurant in your pantry.  It lasts forever and really does stick.  I will not be going back to the "other" ones.

I am confident that the Lego Bridge will work for most every application.  You just have to have enough Legos to make it work!  So, get out those Legos and get building!  Your food will thank you!

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