Saturday, September 8, 2012

My first quilt!

I have decided to make a quilt for the clever girl for when she transitions into a "big girl" bed.  Seriously, she was ready for this transition a while ago, but I knew I wanted to make a quilt so I've been postponing it.  Luckily, she still fits in her toddler bed so it still works!

Above you see the fabric I chose (and carefully cut) for the quilt.  I am using a pattern that was in the Spring 2012 issue of Stitch magazine, the Shoo Fly Quilt.  It is my understanding that the shoo-fly pattern isn't anything new, but this designer made the pattern ginormous so each block is one square.  I think one fabric might be hiding, but overall the fabric above is what the clever girl's quilt will use.  The yellow squares on the top left will be the background, and then each color strip will make up one shoo-fly square.  The pattern itself is for a twin sized quilt but since I am over-ambitious, I am making this a full-sized quilt.

Nothing like starting big with my first-ever quilt!

Let's not even talk about how I am actually going to QUILT this thing because currently the answer is "I have no idea".  I hope that will just come to me...

Surely it will, because quilting must be in my genes somewhere.  My grandmother quilted, my aunt quilts, my mom quilts, my sister has quilted.... surely I have it in me to quilt as well!  I'm crossing my fingers!

Oh, and by the way.  Just in case making a quilt isn't crazy enough, I am also designing the actual bed frame for the bed.  As in constructing it out of wood.  Yes, I am totally a crazy person.  But hang with me a moment while I explain my insanity a little bit...  We are in the process of tearing down a house to build a new one and the original house has neat old doors.  So I want to make a bed frame using those doors.  I have seen some beds like this on the Internet, so I feel confident that this is something Mr. Clever Mom and I can tackle.  Right?  I am pretty handy with this sort of thing (the only girl in the wood-shop class in junior high for 2 years, though yes that was quite a while ago) and we did design and create the clever girl's play kitchen, so surely we can make a bed that will actually stand!

I know, I am way overly ambitious.  When will we get all of this done?  In what free time???



  1. Sharron, quilting is the one craft I have decided that one day will be my own! Both of my grandmothers were amazing quilters, so like you, I think I may have the gene. (Even though I didn't get any other of their genes: painting, knitting, crocheting, blah, blah, blah.) I don't know when I'll ever have the time, but I really do want to give it a try. Maybe you will be able to help me through it one day:) Can't wait to see how it turns out. LOVE the fabrics you have chosen.

  2. Yeah! We can figure this thing out together!


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