Thursday, February 12, 2015

Healthy Valentine Treats

Are you having a Valentine's Day party this year?  Or attending one in which you are supposed to bring some sort of treat?  Here is a healthy idea for you!  Cupid's arrows made of watermelon and oranges!  This is super easy and (I think) will be a hit with people of all ages. 

Here's what you need:
heart cookie cutter
sharp knife

  • Slice the watermelon into slices that are approximately the same width as the depth of your heart cookie cutter.  Cut out a bunch of hearts.
  • Slice the ends off an orange.  Slice the orange into rings, about 3/8 to 1/2 inch thick.  You can't make them too thin or the toothpick won't hold.  Cut some of the rings into triangles for the point of the arrow and slice other rings into wide wedges for the back of the arrow.
  • Create!  Poke the orange rinds first to secure the orange pieces, then stick the other end of the toothpicks into the watermelon hearts.  Each heart gets 2 toothpicks.  
Done.  Easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy, as the clever girl would say!  Make up a pile of these treats and serve to anyone (except maybe tiny kiddos as toothpicks and toddlers are not a good combination)! 

I  made these for the clever girl's Valentine party at school tomorrow.  She says the will be a hit, so I wanted to share the idea in case you are searching for something fun and healthy, too!  Enjoy!

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