Tuesday, May 5, 2015

TWD - Baking with Julia: Ka'kat

I took a bit of a hiatus from TWD for reasons unknown even to me.  It just got away from me, I guess.  And I missed some recipes that looked to be quite good, so I'll have to make them up at some point!  This week, though, was Ka'kat.  Are you thinking, "what the heck?"  I was too.  I would say that bagel+pretzel=ka'kat.  Technically,  this bread is supposed to be covered with sesame seeds (I was out) and flavored with something called mahleb.  I didn't even look for mahleb as I remembered this week's recipe on MONDAY and it was due to be posted on Tuesday.  However, it turns out that Penzey's actually carries mahleb - it is the pit of a dried sour cherry.  Now I know!  At least I know it is fairly easily accessible!  

So, my ka'kat are sesame-less and mahleb-less, but still quite good!  They have the texture of a soft pretzel (which I love) but more of the flavor of a roll or bagel.  I thought it could use more salt, but that could be because my brain was thinking PRETZEL.  Best of all, this little guy was easy to make with only a short rise time.  In fact my handy mixer stayed in it's cabinet the entire day, as all I needed for this bread was a bowl and a spoon!

I am anxious to hear what other bakers thought of the ka'kat and whether anyone used the mahleb.  Is this a spice that I need to acquire??  Click here to find out who else tried this recipe and what they thought!


  1. I did get the mahleb and loved it. It's not a very distinctive flavor, but it does add a nice aroma. Yours are adorable!!

  2. This looks great! Do you eat this plain or with some sort of spread?

  3. Yours look really good, mine are rising now.

  4. I enjoyed these.
    I had mahlab in the house, so I was glad to have another use for it; but I am guessing these were delicious with or without it.
    They look delicious!

  5. They look fantastic! I saw another post where they were sprinkled with coarse salt in pretzel-like spirit. I found the mahlab, and am now wondering what to do with the rest of the package. :)


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