Thursday, August 30, 2012

On the Needles

Before I went on vacation I went into a mad frenzy to figure out a knitting project to bring with me.  I simply cannot travel without a good book and a knitting project!  So I scoured Ravelry for something to knit and found Color Affection.  I have been kind-of itching to make some sort of a shawl/wrap type thing but have not been very excited by the lacey ones I have seen.  Color Affection fits the bill!  I love the asymmetrical look to the stripes. 

I must say that the never-ending garter stitches get really old, especially in the second section, which has the two colors of stripes.  One stripe alone is about a zillion stitches long, so I don't make much progress when I sit down to knit! 

However, like I said, it is a work in progress and I'll update you when I am further along!  In case you are interested, I am using Knitpicks Comfy Fingering yarn.  I am allergic to wool (a downright terrible allergy for someone who knits) so it is always a challenge for me to find substitute yarns.  I am enjoying the Comfy yarn, though.  It is soft and easy to work.  I don't usually choose yarns so close in color to ones on a pattern, but it worked out that way this time!

It's so great to have a knitting project again!

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