Monday, July 8, 2013

A Pool Robe!

In the midst of taking care of my infant, preparing for the clever girl's birthday and packing our house up to move, I decided the clever girl needed a pool robe!  It is crazy, but that is how I roll!  Anyway, I used this awesome pattern from Dana Made It, using 2 thin beach towels from Target.  Had I not picked a towel with stripes that I wanted to match, I could potentially have used only one towel, but I like to do things the hard way. 

I actually already owned the pattern, as I want to make a bathrobe for the clever girl as well.  I have the fabric for that already too... just not the time yet!  So when Dana made her most recent post about her beach robes, it got my sewing juices flowing and out came this robe!

It is super comfy.  I made the long sleeved version just because I thought that would be nice and comfy after getting out of the pool.  Plus it is fun to hide your hands in long sleeves!

Mr. Clever Mom thinks it is a "Rocky" robe.  Hum the music with me...
Dum DUM da da dum da da DUM da da dum...

Happily, this versatile robe works for boxers AND ballerinas!

I made my daughter the largest size on Dana's pattern, which is a size 4.  I have a skinny but getting-taller-every-day 5 year old, for reference. I intend to keep using this pattern as she grows older - I'll just keep making it bigger and bigger!

She loves it!  It is cheerful and comfortable and way more fun than just a beach towel!  And really, the pool robes you see in stores are no where as cute as you can make these with Dana's pattern.


  1. Wow! Your striking pool robe is modeled by an equally striking model!

  2. Love this robe! Would you consider making one on commission?!


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