Tuesday, July 16, 2013

TWD: Baking with Julia - Summer Vegetable Tart

Yahoo!  I am actually posting a TWD post on the right day!  Of course I should have had it ready to post first thing this morning, but I'll count my successes where I can these days.  This week we made a Summer Vegetable Tart.  Seriously, it was easy.  Well, mostly easy anyway...

This was the hard part - using phyllo dough!  Have you ever used that stuff?  It is paper thin.  Heck, it is tissue-paper thin.  How do they get it that way?  Anyway I had to separate 8 sheets of that thin stuff, butter and pepper each sheet, then layer it over a tart pan.  Yes, the tart pan is totally invisible since the phyllo hangs over the sides.  Anyway, the phyllo is layered and then baked until golden, and at that point you are finished with your baking! 

Then just saute some veggies.  The recipe called for red peppers and mushrooms, and I threw in some sliced zucchini just because it happened to be in my refrigerator, and aren't zucchini's summer veggies anyway?  Toss in some salt and pepper and some thyme and then sprinkle in some goat cheese and spread those veggies into the phyllo crust and voila!  Done!  The goat cheese wasn't supposed to get all melt-y like mine did.  I am sure it would have been more attractive if it was in nice little crumbles still, but oh well.  I am sure it tasted the same!

And it was good, but definitely something to eat the day it is made.  It would be tricky to reheat this thing. 

The cool thing about this recipe is that you could really throw in any veggie you wanted!  Or you could butter and sugar the phyllo in the beginning and make this a sweet tart with fruits inside!

Did anyone else notice we did two tarts this month?  Hmmm.  Oh, and I looked up the definition of "tart" the other day, after my confusion with the yogurt tart.  It is essentially any baked item in a pastry shell.  Only one pastry - a double-crust pie does not count.  So any quiche or single crust pie is also a tart!  Ta-da!  Baking and an education all in one post!  Multi-tasking...

The recipe is on page 436-437 of Baking with Julia. 


  1. Your tart looks great! I love the overhang. This was a really good tart. I will be making it again for sure....and trying different veggies to mix it up.

  2. Great education & great tart :-)
    Yes - I did notice the dual tart thing. At least one was sweet and one savory!

  3. Well, technically then, the tomato and cheese galette could be considered a "tart" couldn't it? So three tarts in a row! You know, I'm good with that. They've all been easy and quick! And tasty! It's been a refreshing change of pace.

  4. Your tart looks great! I tossed the cheese under and over the filling rather than stirring it in. It looks OK. I do like the look of it all melted and stirred in with the veggies.

  5. Your tart looks very tasty. I really liked how easy this one was to make. It's just too hot for me to much effort into it.

  6. Lovely looking tart! I thought it was pretty easy to assemble, too! This one was a hit in my house. I served it as a side to my grilled Salmon….a delicious meal!


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