Tuesday, August 6, 2013

TWD: Baking with Julia - Eastern Mediterranean Pizzas

This week's TWD recipe is Eastern Mediterranean Pizza!  You start with a pita bread and then put yummy toppings with an eastern Mediterranean flair and there you go!  Eastern Mediterranean Pizza! 

I rather liked the pita dough.  It was simple enough to make and used both white and wheat flours, which I like.  The dough itself starts with a sponge that can rest for 30 minutes up to 8 hours.  I let mine rest for about 4 hours.  The flavor was quite good, so I do wonder what it would be like if I had the time to let it rest the entire 8 hours, and if I only let it rest for 30 min...  I hope some of the other bloggers share their thoughts on that one! 

The toppings to this "eastern Mediterranean" pizzas are shallots, garlic, lamb and tomatoes.  This is mixed with some cinnamon, allspice, salt and pepper for the Mediterranean flair.  I did not use lamb.  I just don't like it.  I don't like the idea of lamb, and I don't generally care for the taste.  Lamb is just not my thing!  Early on when I first started dating my husband, I went to his parent's house for dinner and was served lamb with mint jelly.  I know lots of people love this combination.  I truly don't get it.  Mint jelly?  Blech.  On MEAT?  Ack.  Anyway, as a newbie in the family unit (we were only dating!) I forced myself to eat what I could.  Unfortunately for me (but fortunately for my husband since I won't cook lamb) his parents love lamb and cook it often.  I, however decided that once we were married, I did not have to eat lamb any more.  And I haven't!  And if his parents have noticed, they must not care.  (They will notice now though, as my father-in-law follows my blog!!)  It's all just personal taste, right?

So, to end my long story about lamb, I did not use it in these pizzas, I used ground sirloin instead.  You just cook the shallots, garlic, meat and tomatoes together, add the spices, and plop some on each pita circle (8 total).  Sprinkle pine nuts on top (I love pine nuts) and into the oven they go for about 7-8 minutes.  Done!

We liked them, but mine would probably have been better if I had used (gasp) canned tomatoes.  I used fresh ones and they didn't have much flavor.  Pitiful to think canned ones would have been better, isn't it? 

Gotta run - off to visit  the in-laws....  I hope there isn't any lamb!!!


  1. I am so with you on the lamb. I just don't get the appeal (nor do I like the concept - I have the same hang up with veal). Great idea on the sirloin

  2. I think any ground meat would work well, as it is the spices that seem to make this topping work.
    I loved the pita dough. I kept mine in the fridge for three days and baked off a couple of pitas each day. I think the addition of whole wheat flour makes this such a flavourful bread. I can't wait to make pitas again!

  3. Great story. Sad it is, that canned tomatoes are better - at least recently. I have not had a tasty tomato this year. Hope you got your wish and there was no lamb served at the in-laws!


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