Wednesday, March 28, 2012

An Apple A Day...

I just couldn't help myself!  This pattern is from Little Girls, Big Style by Mary Abreu.  The top is the Barely Basic Top (page 34) and the pants are the Ruffled Pants (page 94).  I added an additional ruffle to the pants only because they seemed a little short.  My Clever Girl is a slender little gal, so though she is actually 3, I used the size 2 pattern and should have made the length longer to account for the size.  Oh well!  What is one more ruffle for a little girl??  I love how it turned out.  I used fabric from my local JoAnns, in the Tutti-Frutti section.  The fabric is a poly/cotton blend so it is super easy wash and wear!  It is very lightweight and seems to be quite comfortable!  She loves it.  

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  1. Too cute! I know this lovely girl and her Sweet clever mom!


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