Saturday, March 31, 2012

Introducing Ruby

Once I realized that post-law enforcement I was wanting to sew all the time, I decided it was time to invest in a new sewing machine.  There was nothing WRONG with my old machine, other than, well, it was old and just didn't do some of the things I wanted it to do.  Like do button-holes in a relatively simply manner.  Or have an overcast stitch.  Or do the applique stitch I wanted it to do.  Let's be honest, it first was my grandmother's machine, and when she passed away it became my sister's machine, and at some point my mom used it for a while and then it became mine!  For reference, it is a Kennmore 1946 zig-zag machine, built in 1977.   So, eventually I decided I needed an upgrade.

I did my homework, obsessed about exactly what I wanted in a machine, and then went to a sewing machine store to see what they had.  Then I obsessed some more, researched some more, and made a decision!  The machine for me is a Janome Horizon Memory Craft 7700.  I named her Ruby.

I love her.  Ruby and I are a team.  She not only does button-holes, but they are super simple and there are several styles to choose from!  Plus she will sew on buttons too!  Oh, my Ruby, she is something!  I don't have to use a foot control anymore, though I can if I want.  To be honest, at first I just wasn't sure I would be able to sew without using a foot control but I practiced with using the start/stop button and that is all I do now!  With the touch of a button, Ruby will do the back/forth at the start or end of a seam to set the stitches, or she will do a small knot in place!  And she'll cut the threads for you when you are done, if you want.  There are tons of different stitches she will do (including the overcast and applique ones I was looking for) and also a variety of small embroidery patterns.  And did I mention how quiet she is?  That Ruby, you tell her a secret and she keeps it to herself!  What a fantastic investment she was.  I am just beside myself with happiness and adoration for Ruby.

I still have that Kennmore machine.  I couldn't get rid of it!  I guess it is like a family heirloom or something now.  I figure whenever Ruby has to get her spa treatments at the sewing machine store, I can always pull out the oldie but goodie if I want to sew!  Plus, it will be a great machine for E to start on whenever she decides to learn!

Ahhh, bliss!

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