Sunday, July 1, 2012

Puppet Theatre

I made the clever girl a puppet theatre and several puppets for her birthday!  Boy, oh, boy was it a hit!  It is simple to do and you even create a little bag to store the theatre in when you are done for the day!  Perfect!  The pattern is from Bend-the-Rules Sewing, by Amy Karol.  If you follow crafty blogs, you may know her as Angry Chicken.  She is brilliant.  (Seriously, you should check out her video tutorials, they are super!) 

The storage bag.

I loved picking out the fabric for this project.  I ended up getting everything from the home decorating section at Joanns.   A lighter weight fabric would work as well, I just couldn't find three fabrics that screamed "puppet theatre!!!" to me in the lightweight cotton section.  Then came the fun of finding cool ball fringe (which I think totally MAKES the project) and the ribbons for the curtains!  This was an inexpensive, home run project!

 A close up of the "stage".

The sewing itself is really just a lot of long, straight hemming.  You can't see so well in the photo, but there is a tension curtain rod at the very top and two dowels along the top and bottom of the window to help hold the structure of the theatre.  The pattern calls for wide twill tape to be used for making the dowel pockets, but I just used leftover fabric from the project.

Our entire family is enjoying the puppet theatre, even the clever puppy!

Posts about the actual puppets will follow!


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